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Movement Method 1 and 2 for schools is a two day certification workshop. The course fee is $350 per teacher but group prices can be adjusted to fit school's specific needs. Read on to see what each course covers.

Movement Method 1: What it is and why it works - Introduction

This is the crucial course for learning the neuro-science. How to switch off the cell-danger response in the brain. How to activate the main learning centers of the brain and create long term learning. How to do all this without the child knowing that you are teaching so you never encounter resistance from the child and an introduction into how to teach the national curriculum through kinetic learning. 

Life changing weather for classroom and families home environments.

We will cover everything from the science behind Movement Method and simple ways to include movement in your lesson plans to how to design specific activities based around your class' needs and interests.

What will be covered?

This workshop is a mixture of theory, exercises and interactive demos.

  • Theory: What is Movement Method
  • Theory: The science of learning
  • Theory & Exercises: The Physical Environment
  • Exercise: Transforming an Environment
  • Theory: The Human Environment
  • Lunch & Questions
  • Theory: Drop it, Do it, Confirm it – The Movement Method IEP
  • Interactive Demo 1: Rule Based Games
  • Interactive Demo 2: Academics
  • Interactive Demo 3: The Treasure Hunt
  • Theory: Self-Advocacy
  • Conclusions & Questions

Movement Method 2: The Guidelines to Creating the Right Human Environment

So many professionals out there apply what would otherwise be sound methodologies in a rigid and inflexible way resulting in unnecessary and sometimes heartbreaking situations for teachers, students and parents alike. This type of inflexible approach often elicits a fear of learning in the child or learning that does not generalize to other contexts. We created the Movement Method guidelines in direct response to this to ensure that anyone applying our methods, be they a parent, teacher or therapist/professional, will do so in a flexible, pressure free and child led way - thus optimizing their chance of success.

This workshop is a mixture of theory, interactive demos, case studies, individual and group exercises.

What will be covered?

Guidelines Category 1: Setting yourself up for success

  • Guideline 1: Self-Compassion
  • Guideline 2: Picking your Battles
  • Guideline 3: Trust the primary care-giver
  • Guideline 4: Follow the Child

Guidelines Category 2: Setting the child up for success

  • Guideline 5: Attention & Eye Contact
  • Guideline 6: Humor
  • Guideline 7: Time for Innovation
  • Guideline 8: The Right Pressure
  • Conclusion & Questions

For questions on how to have a Movement Method Trainer come to your school, please email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We are looking forward to hearing from you and working out a set of workshops that will work for your school.

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