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hey all have you checked out scubba getting back into horse training - helping majana get her sexy back?

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Really hard physical exercise can help a lot with a major sense of achievement and team work
Tough mudder type stuff
And wilderness time
Is this where the right kind of forest school crossove could work?
Team exercises like lifting of heavy logs all together to build something
Having to move the horses on foot to different pastures. Swappibg every horse between your one pasture and the other so cumulativekybuta several miles
Tag games w a lot of hard running and sprinting
We've also found that having kids teach horses and other animals tricks work well


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Have a look at this success story at a school in Colorado. Thank you for sharing Bianca!…

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We talk about this a lot! Don't be fooled by thinking they are not listening just because they...

Check out this endorsement one of our teachers just got from her Vice Principle. 5th grade - mainstream school:... Show more

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Hi Sonia, share some of what is going on in Italy with us!

rupert Sweet! Is that up by Arabella? 4 months ago
sonisofi No, it isn't. I was hosted by this family, so this is their house. 4 months ago
rupert very nice. is this a family we should be in contact with? where are they? do they have somebody working with/for them? etc. How did they find you? 4 months ago
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Stay tuned for updates from Queens College NY. The first Horse Boy Club in a university in the US.

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