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Brimbach added a new event 02/16/2019

Movement Method Health and Wellness District Presentation

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Co-Leader Training Tuesday, February 26, 2019 8:25am – 9:25am: Movement Method for the School System...

  • Tuesday, 26 February 2019 08:00 AM
  • Colorado Springs
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Is this like Fuerstenau? How cool- how can other schools become like this so more kiddos in need...

Many people have a very challenging time apologizing to others, much more to children. I felt how...

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Brimbach created a new topic ' Lesson Challenge: Writing' in the forum. 01/26/2019

Hi team: Lesson challenge for you
How do you get kiddos, who can hardly write a sentence, to develop an entire paragraph without making them suffer?
We have three kids in my class who struggle with writing (two on the spectrum, one with oppositional defiance disorder)
Keep in mind that I also have 25 other kids, so eventually they have to do it partially independent.
Clever ideas from the experts?


Brimbach replied to the topic 'Reading Fluency Challenge' in the forum. 01/26/2019

True- after jumping on trampolines, test scores in reading went up. Clear evidence that movement and environment, being in nature can help reading fluency.


Brimbach replied to the topic 'Protein could be the answer' in the forum. 01/26/2019

...this also works for teens who decide not to eat breakfast. When pushed to have some sort of protein, their day gets better! Especially true when dealing with anxiety and depression- a piece of salami and bacon can go a long way. Thanks for the reminder Rupert!


Brimbach added a new event 01/22/2019

Movement Method Mountain Training for Ski and Snowboard...

  • Wednesday, 09 January 2019 08:30 AM
  • Monarch Mountain, Salida, Colorado
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Brimbach added a new event 12/17/2018

Courage to Risk Conference - Movement Method

Our trainers Bianca Rimbach and Joell Dunlap will present Movement Method at the Courage to Risk Conference.

  • Saturday, 02 February 2019 03:00 PM
  • USA, Colorado, Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor
Brimbach replied to the topic 'Winter Activities' in the forum. 12/15/2018

One kiddo came up with the ideas of Smores on a Horse...that is what we did. We hid the three ingredients- crackers, chocolate, marshmallows in zip lock bags around the arena- kiddos had to ride and collect their ingredients to make their smores at the end of the playdate. Nice way to finish a winter playdate.