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Rupert can tailor any of these topics to last from a few minutes to a full hour. He can also combine any of the subjects to create the talk that most interests you and your group.

  • Autism
    • The Horse Boy Story
    • The Gifts of Autism - why autism is not a problem to fix. How stims become skills. Harnessing the powerful memory. Unleashing the intellect, and the extraordinary absence of ego with it's corresponding positive mental health.
    • How to train the autistic brain - this is not training the intellect: most autists have very powerful intellects. This is how to deactivate the amygdala and how to calm the nervous system so the learning receptors of the brain can engage without anxiety.
    • Adult Autism and success - careers, love lives, the arts and sciences - autists can have it all. How to learn the complex social dance of work, friendship and courtship - successful swimming for autists in the shark infested waters of neurotypical humanity
    • How families with autism/special needs can thrive - making special needs the family business and dealing with burn out so that the challenge becomes the adventure of a lifetime
  • Motivational Speaking
    • making your dreams real - how to really do this, how to design and live the life you truly want
    • making your biggest problem your biggest success - even your livelihood
    • the power of the imagination - creating the impossible from scratch
    • Never Letting The Bastards Grind You Down - conceive it, do it, do it again, and keep doing it despite the opposition
  • Education/Kinetic Learning/Special Education
    • Movement Method - Basic brain training to open up the brain's learning receptors, creating the learning brain and healing the nervous system. Works for all - kids and adults alike - not just special needs.
    • Horse Boy Learning - Adapting the K-12 curriculum to be learned while moving in nature - in collaboration with several Universities (among others Osnabrueck, Germany and Belmont, TN) with an emphasis on fun, exploration and discovery.
    • Horse Boy Method - equine therapy designed specifically for the brain and nervous system. Very effective for autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and fatigue and all other neuro-psychiatric conditions.
    • How to avoid burn out for teachers, therapists and caregivers - includes specific exercises in self-compassion and self care, creating the right working environment and incorporating your dreams into your day to day.
  • Adventure Travel
    • Traveling professionally - how to make a living at it
    • Wildlife safaris - the best of Africa, Asia, North America and Europe
    • Living with tribes - How to do it and how not to do it.
    • Horseback adventures - the best of Europe, Africa, North America, and beyond.
  • Creative Writing
    • How to become a successful author including how to find the right agent, publishers (or successful self-publishing), and understanding royalties.
    • How to write a sellable book proposal
    • How to write a publishable book - the three act structure with prologue and epilogue
    • Making a living as a freelance journalist
    • Creative non-fiction - the art of the memoir
    • Fiction - bringing your characters to life
  • Film-making
    • How to make and sell a feature documentary including how to negotiate film festivals, find the right agents, distributors and understanding the 'back end'
    • Treatments and screenplays - how to write them and how not to write them and then how to sell them
  • Television
    • How to conceive and sell a reality TV show
  • Shamanism
    • Understanding the spirit world - how ancestors, god, and nature all work as one.
    • San Bushmen healing - the concept of boiling energy
    • Shamanism around the world - how the traditions differ but how the basic concept remains the same
    • How to find and work with an effective shaman and how to avoid the charlatans
    • Harnessing your own power to heal
  • Classical Dressage
    • The history of dressage and the teachings of the classical masters from Xenophon to Valenca
    • How classical dressage works - the three phase system
    • Understanding the secrets of in hand work
    • Approaches to the piaffe and passage
    • Beyond grand prix - the airs above the ground and the lost battle movements
    • How sport and classical dressage differ and where they meet
    • Baucher vs Steinbrecht - were they both right?
    • Who was Robichon de la Gueriniere and how does he affect us today?
    • Contact and how to get it
    • Dressage for healing and maintenance of the injured and older horse
  • Human Rights
    • How we brought the Bushmen of the Kalahari home from displaced persons to their own ancestral land
    • How to put together a human rights campaign and get to the UN
  • Conservation and Land Use
    • How indigenous hunting societies and wilderness areas work together. Focused on Africa, South India, North America, Europe

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