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Rupert Isaacson is an accomplished public speaker and regularly gives conference keynotes, college lectures, talks to special interest groups in areas as diverse as travel, special needs, equestrianism, anthropology, shamanism, creative writing, filmmaking, as well of course as his own autism break through programs of Horse Boy Method (equine therapy for the nervous system and brain), Horse Boy Learning (kinetic learning K-12), and Movement Method(how to activate the learning centers of the brain through specific physical activities). 

He has spoken at many universities (University of Texas, Texas A&M, Prescott College AZ, Queens College NY, Lewis & Clark University ID, Adrian College MI, Delhousie NS, Nottingham Trent University UK, Suffolk University UK, and many more). He has also spoken at many national venues such as the United Nations, the US State Department, the World Bank, the Autism Society of America, The American Museum of Natural History NY, National Geographic DC, Kulture City, the Hay Festival, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Film and Interactive Festival, Hot Docs Toronto, Silver Docs, the Heartland Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival and numerous other venues large and small. He has also appeared on all sorts of media including CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, numerous Fox channels, NPR, BBC TV & Radio, the list goes on.

But don't think you have to have a big platform to come. He believes in the mission of helping families directly.

Invite him and he'll likely come.

For rates, availabilities and bookings, contact Iliane.

Community Activities

Brimbach added a new event 02/16/2019

Movement Method Health and Wellness District Presentation

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Co-Leader Training Tuesday, February 26, 2019 8:25am – 9:25am: Movement Method for the School System...

  • Tuesday, 26 February 2019 08:00 AM
  • Colorado Springs
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iliane Thank you for joining the course! Keep us updated, and you know where to find us if you have questions. 3 days ago
New Trails Learning Systems commented on Following my child through a fairy door to a wholehearted life 02/13/2019

This is a school for 16 year old kids and older. So they could go there after they finished a...

iliane replied to the topic 'Do I have to use a Western saddle?' in the forum. 02/12/2019

This is a question we get very often and the answer is, not necessarily a Western saddle, but a saddle that gives enough support and stability and especially room for you and the child.
We have people use Spanish Vaquero saddles that work well, we have a lady that found a oversized endurance saddle that works for her, and we have heard of people that say some Stock saddles work well.

An English saddle unfortunately doesn't work. We also much prefer them to the others and all the training of our horses happens in them but for a child to sit in front of you on an English saddle, there just no room and it really uncomfy to sit there. Many kids on the spectrum with their sensory issues are sensitive to pressure anyway, and on an English saddle it's just not nice to sit on. it also doesn't give you and child the stability that a large western saddle will give you.

Of course always remember to check with somebody that knows how to fit saddles to see which saddle works for your horse. If a large western saddle doesn't work at all, maybe see if for this particular horse the work in the long lines might be an option (then with just one person up) or if maybe that horse comes in as a trick or sensory horse.


NTLS Team created a new topic ' Do I have to use a Western saddle?' in the forum. 02/12/2019

We are often asked if one must use a western saddle many people are used to more comfortable in an English saddle. 


I think if I understand it right, that this is a much more horse specific school. Fuerstenau is a...

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