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Horse Boy Method Level1 Workshop at XXXX, on XXXXX XXXX and XXXX from 10am-3pm each day

Come join us and learn the most cutting edge way to work with special needs, horses and nature – Horse Boy Method, aimed at getting communication, and engaging the intellect of people with neuro-sensory conditions. It’s also a lot of fun.

Pioneered by autism dad, horse trainer and bestselling author and filmmaker Rupert Isaacson, Horse Boy Method is open to therapeutic equine professionals wanting to deepen their techniques of working with autism and nervous system/brain conditions such as add, adhd, anxiety, ptsd and more. Horse Boy Method is also open to parents and autism family members wanting more insights into how to use kinetic learning techniques (learning through movement in a natural environment) to better serve their children, and also to riders who want to connect better with their horses – because Horse Boy Method melds natural horsemanship with classical dressage to produce a balanced, safe, soft horse that always tells its rider ‘yes.’

The training is two days, roughly six hours each day with breaks for tea /coffee and lunch.

Day 1 covers the first three stages of Horse Boy Method; setting up the Right Environment, doing the Sensory Work, and learning the basics of Back-Riding – riding with the child, and why this works so much better than leading a child.

Day 2 covers the second three stages; Perspective Taking and Rule Based Games – circus tricks and game establishing what psychologists call ‘Theory of Mind’,; Academics – yes we teach everything up there; maths, French, physics, you name it; and finally Self-Advocacy, the most important psychological survival skill a human being can have – the ability to make a case for yourself.

Come join us at the cutting edge of therapeutic riding, autism/brain understanding and classical riding. Its fun and its easy to learn. Join us on this AMAZING adventure!

Details and Costs: XXXXXXXX