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THE HORSE BOY – a father’s journey to heal his son?

How far would you travel to heal the one you love?

Join us for an adventure into sheer magic – but magic that is real. When Rupert Isaacson’s son Rowan was diagnosed with autism in 2004, he didn’t know where to turn. But Rowan took himself to the neighbor’s quarter horse mare, Betsy, and forged a bond so tight, that he began speaking as soon as Rupert – a lifelong horseman – placed Rowan on Besty’s back.

That same year Rupert, also a human rights activists for African tribes, had to bring a delegation of African tribesmen to the United Nations to appeal against illegal eviction from their ancestral land. Some of the members of the delegation were trained healers in their culture and worked on Rowan. The results were as amazing as withBetsy. So Rupert asked himself; where is there a place on the planet that combined horses with this kind of healing? The answer? Mongolia.

As Rupert says: “This is not a story about the tragedy of autism. This is a story of how we did something crazy. Went halfway round the world in search of a miracle.”

Come see what happened on that epic quest for healing. The Horse Boy has won multiple awards from film festivals, has been screened in cinemas and television internationally, and is one of the most inspiring stories of love between a father and son, and the magic of horses, nature and family, that you will ever witness. Join us.

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Suggested donation to benefit the Horse Boy Foundation and their work with autism families XXXXX