The Long Ride Home tnRowan came back from the shamans in Mongolia a changed boy. The three most debilitating effects of his autism - his incontinence, his endless tantruming, and his inability to make friends - were gone.

But a year almost to the day since Rowan's improvement he started regressing: the accidents and tantrums reappeared, terrifying his father Rupert. Something had to be done.

Father and son embarked on a new quest, journeying from the bushmen of Namibia to the coastal rainforests of Queensland, Australia and finally to the Navajo reservations of the American southwest, where Rowan was transformed - they had begun the Long Ride Home.

Buy Now: The Long Ride Home: The Extraordinary Journey of Healing that Changed a Child's Life (Paperback)

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ATHENA / Horse Boy 1 Workshop - 1st & 2nd August 2020

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