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These webinars are available for all Gold Members. To see the dial information on this page, please log into your Gold Account then come back to this page and scroll down. We also send out reminders with the log in information. If you are a Gold Member and are not receiving our reminder, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add you to our mailing list. 

Webinars are scheduled as follows:

Movement Method calls (Every first Monday of the month unless listed differently here)

  • Jan 9th 2PM CST (GMT-6): How to turn your physical environment into a learning opportunity
  • Feb 6th 2PM CST (GMT-6): Strategies to find families and volunteers
  • March 6th 2PM CST (GMT-6): How to build the partership with parents - from the first contact to the long-term relationship
  • April 3rd 2PM CST (GMT-6): Parental guest speakers and the gifts they have found in their children’s autism
  • May 1st 2PM CST (GMT-6): Themed activities
  • June 5th 2PM CST (GMT-6): The importance of observation and how to get the “journalist skills”
  • July 3rd 2PM CST (GMT-6): How to set your child up for success (case studies)
  • Aug 7th 2PM CST (GMT-6): Design and create games (theory)
  • Sept 4th 2PM CST (GMT-6): Basic math games (case studies)
  • Oct 2nd 2PM CST (GMT-6): Halloween ideas
  • Nov 6th 2PM CST (GMT-6): Basic literacy games (case studies)
  • Dec 4th 2PM CST (GMT-6): Christmas ideas

Horse Boy Method and Dressage Horse Training (Every third Monday of the month unless listed differently here)

  • TBD

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Recorded webinars can be found in our Podcast section:

Community Activities

Karla Brahms commented on Testimonial "Gitti's work" 03/26/2019

touching <3

A natural "Hüpfburg" made of two big bales of straw, where you can jump from into layers of straw.


Judith and 10 others have joined the group NTLS Germany 03/25/2019

Gitti is friends with Judith

Watch the video