Would you like to achieve more spectacular results? At last an approach that brings about genuine neuro-plasticity.

Where most therapies target behaviors, Movement Method addresses the underlying sensory and neurological causes of behaviors and achieves actual and lasting change in the brain and nervous system.

This means that change occurs in a lasting and - most importantly - non coercive, not traumatic way, that honors the child's individuality and also honors the many gifts that go with autism and other neuro-psychiatric conditions and ways of being.

Simply addressing behaviors alone is never a way to lasting change and often causes immense suffering for the child, and stress for the therapist. Our Mini Course: Addressing Behaviors compassionately aimed at understanding the neuro-science between functional and dysfunctional ways of being guide you through step by step amelioration through actual but gradual changes in the brain: neuro-plasticity.

The Mini Course: Stress & Coping achieve the same results for the therapist. (just launched and we are still adding new lessons)

If you have been locked into a way of working that hasn't achieved the results you really like to see and you suspect has caused suffering, even while trying to do the right thing, then these Modules will help you deal with burnout, re-find inspiration and offer real practical steps to achieve your own neuro-plasticity along side your clients, so that the sessions become ever more interesting, ever more creative, ever more fun and ever more effective.

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