Are you stuck professionally? Do you feel you cannot really effect lasting and postive change? Do you feel you cannot really reach some of your clients?

We offer a Certification process for therapists that want to offer Movement Method as part of their therapies. To become a Independent Certified Movement Method Mentor you can take our Certification course online or as live workshop.

The courses give you the tools you'd been searching for to really effect lasting change through applying practical neuro science in any context or situation. The Movement Method Learning Equation helps you set the physical and human environment up to create the positive brain change that you are looking for and the 8 easy to follow guidelines help you set yourself and the client up for optimal success. Thus creating a framework that therapists can use within their existing modalities: you don't abandon what you already know, you simply complement it with the Movement Method Framework to reach real results fast.

Find a list of live workshops here, and check out our online certification Course. You can find Trainers here and if you want to read up on details about becoming a Mentor, check here.