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Please feel free to use any of these texts to advertise Horse Boy, Movement Method or ATHENA events. If you are putting on events for our Long Ride Home Programs (Helios Harmony, Face Your Bull and Little Besa), we are also including copy for those events here.

Have you always wondered what were the secrets behind high school dressage training? How the piaffe, the passage, the pirouettes and tempis are actually produced? Have you ever wondered how you could learn the building blocks that lead to this magical kingdom? Have you always wanted a horse that was at its most supple, mentally and emotionally happy and flexible, its most muscled and wise? Have you ever, as a professional in the horse world, wondered how such training could be effortlessly incorporated into a busy lesson program? or as a private rider have you ever wondered how such training could be incorporated into your busy life? Have you ever wondered how to maximise the well being effect of horses on yourself, or how to rehab older or injured horses in a way that makes them even better than before?

Demos for an equestrian audience – includes: Horse Boy Method, ATHENA, Helios Harmony

Join Rupert Isaacson, internationally known as a trainer of the Old Masters dressage system of training horses from the ground – the in-hand work as it is known, as he unlocks the secrets and shows us the way to joy with our horses…and with our human selves. Rupert’s equine assisted work with autism (Horse Boy Method) and trauma (Athena) are practiced in more than 30 countries and he travels internationally teaching of the Old Masters system (Helios Harmony) to people who have always wondered just how this meta level of horsemanship, which – when done right – has great healing power for the equines and humans involved, can be achieved.

Its doesnt matter whether you are a horse professional, a private rider,  a parent of a special needs child or someone working in the field of mental health, or just plain curious – for as Rupert’s bestselling books The Healing Land, the Horse Boy and The Long Rude Home reveal, there is much more to his story than just horses, including a deep dive into the shamanic side of human culture – an evening watching as Rupert explains how the Old Masters System works, and how it relates to human health and happiness always fascinates and inspires. Come join us on the adventure.

Retreat: Little Besa and Face Your Bull

Little Besa was the name that the Kalahari San Bushman shaman Besa gave to Rupert during the years that they worked together. Besa us akso the middle name of Rowan – the Horse Boy – Rupert’s autistic son who was healed by old Besa in Namibia back in 2008. Old Besa taught Little Besa (Rupert) many things – things that help shape shift every day life towards healing, towards joy. On the first day Rupert will share some key points of what he was taught by his Kalahari mentor to help create joy, healing and every day miracles with this every day shaman’s eye.

Face Your Bull is neuroscience – the rational to Little Besa’s irrational. One’s bull is one’s own bullshit. One’s own ego and the challenges it brings. The ego is not a dragion or a monster to slay. Rather it is something that can serve one well – if one can learn to be happy dancing with it. Based on the idea of the Portuguese bullfight in which one doesnt try to kill the bull, but instead dances with it on horseback, we discuss how to use neuroscience and body chemisrty to learn to enjoy this dance of life – to dance with the bull, to ride the dragon.

At the end of the two days we look at how to bring this shamanistic and this neuroscientific world view together into an integrative practice, with support and tips for how to take the discoveries of the two days home and begin to shapeshift one’s life, one’s mind, towards where our joy lies, always dancing us over the next mountain ridge, the next horizon…