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New Trails Learning Systems likes a Guest's comment in Ru's Weekly Autism Tips Your friend: The Vestibular System 03/16/2019

Fascinating article, Ru. I've understood for some time now how the info stored in the amygdala -...

Whoohoo we have a new apprentice in Germany! Welcome to the Tribe, Karla Brahms of Wellenreiter GbR.
Thank you so much for adding our method to your...
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rupert replied to the topic 'Teaching and Learning through Video Games' in the forum. 03/15/2019

So another way of bringing video games into life skills and bdnf/better brain function is the world of LARPing. Live Action role Play  over the past couple of years Horse Boy Fdn has been developing programs with LARPing - which is where gamers get out and play their games for real, in the flesh (its a HUUUUUUGE thing). we've runs LARP sessions and events at New Trails and other Horse Boy and Movement Method Centers have been doing the same. We can then harness the intrinsic interest - the gaming - to real life skills, physical, social and intellectual. Plus its the ultimate nerd's day out (and I'm a bit f a nerd). If you dont already know about it, type the name of your home town into google and then type LARP next to it and see what comes up.Welcome to a whole new world baby...


Carola Beekman commented on Graduation Day for Ellen Schuringa March 2019 03/15/2019

What a super job, well done, Tribe Stal Tilburgs!

Wellenreiter hallo welcome!

Very beautiful name- where are you from? What brings you to this website and MM and HB??

Hi Lucy, great to see you here! May I ask how you found out about HB and MM and what you might be able and interested to do with it? Just curious-... Show more

New folks at HB and MM always interesting- where are you from? What is your interest in HB and MM?

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