Ep 13: Kansas Carradine – Circus Cowgirl on Podcast Live Free Ride Free

That the Carradine family is a Hollywood dynasty is common knowledge.

Less known is that one of its scions – Kansas Carradine, daughter of legendary actor David Carradine (Kung Fu, Kill Bill et al) has become possibly one of the most self actualized people of her generation and is going around the world helping others to do the same.

Kansas Carradine is an amazing talent: a professional trick rider and rope since her childhood, a stunt rider and actress, a therapist with the legendary HeartMath Insititute which conducts research into the electromagnetic fields of hearts and how this affects the human nervous system, brain and immune system, a diplomat and peace broker with the G20…as well as a wife and mother.

Kansas Carradine is that rare thing – someone who has come through the maestrom of celebrity life without their ego going supernova, and who has emerged an approachable human being in service to the common good in a level that is frankly breathtaking. Listen on and learn how to look at life through the lens of the heart – it will change your reality.

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