EP 12: Sukie Baxter – Whole Body Revolution on Podcast Live Free Ride Free

Many of us dream about – or at the very least wonder about – the phenomen of becoming a YouTuber. Actually making a living out of content creation. Many of us also dream of being able to positively influence the lives of others this way and spread knowledge of healing and well being for the common good while, well being successful. Sukie Baxter, whose work on explaining the autonomic nervous system and how it can be harnessed to work more efficiently for health and happiness, has done just that. Her views on YouTube have gone into the millions without having to resort to gossip, trolling celebrities, car crashes or even cute dogs riding bicycles. Sukie’s work is just flat out good – helpful, easy to understand and implement and actually helping one feel and do better.

It wasn’t always this way – Sukie’s path to Self Actualization was, like everyone’s – hard earned. Becoming a Rolfer (a lesser known but highly effective form of bodywork) in her early 20s she built a practice over almost two decades that while successful, became stressful, over scheduled, and eventually drained her of energy. Then Covid hit and in one instant her whole business evaporated.That’s when,  born from a desire to do something productive in that time of universal suffering, Sukie began to put out informative YouTube videos on how to make your body and nervous system your friend not your foe. Now, four years later, Sukie has achieved an enviable level of freedom by doing good.

But that isn’t all. In this fascinating podcast she shares with us not just her personal and professional journey but also how the autonomic nervous system actually works, what the nuts and bolts of human happiness are, and even how to make YouTube videos that  actually get seen. Listen on people, Sukie has much to teach us.

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