In the Press ‘My non-verbal, autistic son began to speak after hopping on our neighbour’s horse – now he is 20 years old and completely independent’

When Rupert Isaacson’s autistic son was three years old, he was non-verbal. It was feared he would never be able to communicate effectively. However, young Rowan’s life drastically changed when he hopped on the back of his neighbour’s horse, Betsy, and slowly began to speak.  More and source:

Greeley, Colorado, HorseBuds in the News

HorseBuds Therapeutic Riding Center in Greeley, Colorado is a lovely life changing facility… managed and guided by Horse Boy and Movement Method instructorand PATH certified Deb Michael. “Their mission: Promoting independence through equine assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, and social well being of children and adults with disabilities …

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RTL NL – Video: Late Night Show

Interview with Rupert Isaacson on Hollands Late Night Show in RTL. Rupert comes on at around minute 12. You need to register on RTL for free to watch the video.  Also check out this link for an excerpt of the show:

Booktrib – Video: The Long Ride Home (2016)

When his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson feared they might never communicate. But when he discovered Rowan responded to horses, they traveled to Mongolia–the spiritual home of the horse–where shaman banished the tantrums, the incontinence, and the hopeless isolation. Source: A year later, Rowan started regressing. Only then did Rupert remember the …

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