Sonoma Square Peg Foundation: a home for ex-racehorses and ‘quirky’ kids

HBM Practitioner Joell Dunlap and her team

Cadence Farm, home of the Sonoma branch of the Square Peg Foundation, is a quiet oasis tucked into Sonoma Valley’s countryside.

“It’s a time vortex,” Becca Knopf, program manager, said. “When you get to a barn, the horses require that you stop caring about the time.”

The nonprofit Square Peg Foundation both cares for retired thoroughbred racehorses while building community and connection with people who can struggle in their everyday lives. It tailors to people, mostly kids and teens, on the autism spectrum, with neuro and psychiatric diagnoses or divergences, and kids who lack a sense of belonging.

“Our niche and our skill set is in trying to build connection and community and self-advocacy,” Knopf said.

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