Booktrib – Video: The Long Ride Home (2016)

When his son Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson feared they might never communicate. But when he discovered Rowan responded to horses, they traveled to Mongolia–the spiritual home of the horse–where shaman banished the tantrums, the incontinence, and the hopeless isolation.


A year later, Rowan started regressing. Only then did Rupert remember the shaman had told him that they must make three more healing journeys.

So they went: to the Bushmen of Namibia and Australia’s coastal rainforests, and to America’s Navajo reservation, discovering new ways of connecting with autistic children using nature, movement, and animals, unlocking children from their most severe symptoms and developing two internationally known programs: Horse Boy Method and Movement Method.

The Long Ride Home is the story of Rupert and Rowan’s journeys–of incredible love and extraordinary adventure–that tested their courage and changed their lives, and those of the families who joined them, forever.

Meet the Author

Rupert Isaacson was born in London in 1967 to Southern African parents. He now lives in Austin, Texas. His books include The Healing Land, chronicling his time spent living with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and his adventure helping them to win back their lost hunting grounds; The Wild Host: the History and Meaning of the Hunt; and The Horse Boy, which tells the story of his quest on horseback across Mongolia to find healing for his autistic son Rowan, translated into 30 languages.

Isaacson is also a film-maker: his feature doc of The Horse Boy screened on TV worldwide and in cinemas all over America. His journalistic work has appeared in national newspapers and magazines in the UK and USA. In 2008 Isaacson founded the Horse Boy Foundation, which helps children find communication and learning both using horses (Horse Boy Method) and play equipment and the environment (Horse Boy Learning). To find out more, go to



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