ATHENA 2 Certifications course – Evaluation of the horses

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This course is only available to people that have previously completed ATHENA 1. This course is effectively the evaluation for your horses. You will show with your horses that they are able to complete the ATHENA requirements i.e. lunge, certain in hand exercises as well as long line exercises. You can submit up to 3 horses for each step. When you have completed all submissions and we have approved them you will receive a certificate of completion which makes you eligible for the 3rd phase of the ATHENA certification process.

This course is the submission of the horses, that you feel are ready to participate in your ATHENA program. If you need additional help to confirm the exercises in the horse, we have packages available, in which you can purchase horse training consultation packages. If you feel you need that please contact us before purchasing the ATHENA 2 Certification course.