The most engaging, funny, informative, and inspiring speaker we have seen in a decade…

Standing ovation: our Colorado Teachers Conference has seldom had such a powerful speaker. The neuro-science alone was worth coming for.

Sends you away thinking about the potential about what you can achieve with a roadmap of how to get there. 

Fun, connection, tears, seeing ‘old’ friends and meeting new friends, playing, getting dirty, laughing, finding your strength, dreams, feeling home, finding your family…

Dear Rupert,

Back on the editorial floor, we’re still enjoying the afterglow of an amazing journey. What a ride it has been!
Our mailboxes are flooded with wonderful messages of visitors who had the time of their lives.
Many hearts were touched, many souls were searched, many minds got great food for thought.

Together, all attending speakers created a wave of inspiration, insight, wisdom and joy.
We wish to express once more our gratitude for you being part of this! We could not have done it without you.
Thank you so much!
We’re sincerely hope paths will cross again in the future.

Love, peace, happiness.
Editorial staff of Happinez