Code of Conduct & Advertising Guidelines

It is the responsibility of Independent Horse Boy Practitioners or Mentor to represent the Horse Boy Methods, and Movement Method to the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Star Ratings

Details of the levels within Horse Boy are listed on our Practitioner and Mentor Requirement page.

The next few paragraphs have been covered there in detail. They are important enough to us to make sure you read them at least once, so here they are again.

Horse Boy certifies independent people in what we call Movement Method. Individuals and groups of people that fulfill all requirements (evaluation and continuous education) are authorized to advertise themselves as Independent (Basic, 1*) Movement Method Mentor depending on the courses they have participated in and the requirements they have fulfilled in evaluation phase and continuous education phase. This does not mean that a center will only offer Movement Method, but it means that a certain individual or group of individuals a center are authorized to offer Movement Method Services (according to their level of qualification). These services are intended to be as close as possible to the core values of Horse Boy but each Mentor will use Movement Method stages and guidelines to the degree suitable for them. 

Independent Mentors that are forming a center together are called Independent Movement Method Tribes.

Each Independent Mentor will have to comply to this Code of Conduct, must be an active Gold member on, must have completed and passed all exams and required material for each level and must participate in Mandatory Continuous Education (MCE) by joining in at least two teleconference or webinars specified as Movement Method MCE courses per year. Violation of the Code of Conduct or not completing these other requirements will disqualify the Independent Mentor from being listed on and therefore will prevent them from being an active and recognized Independent Movement Method Mentor.

Independence of businesses and liabilities

All Mentors are independent and Horse Boy cannot guarantee any of the services rendered. Mentors as well as Tribe Members will indemnify and hold Horse Boy harmless from all liability and other claims.

Mentors are not licensed to teach Horse Boy Method, or Movement Method.


Mentors must be 18 years or older. Minors are allowed to participate in Movement Method  workshops and will receive a certification of participation but will not be able to register as Movement Method Mentor. Minors are allowed to be Tribe members of Independent Movement Method Tribes. All minors activities must at all times be supervised by Movement Method qualified adults within the Independent Movement Method Tribe and these adults must take full responsibility and liability of the minor’s safety and well being as well as their actions.

Annual Review of All Star Ratings

Star ratings can either move up or down based on participation in new courses and completing other requirements. If you think you have fulfilled all requirements for a higher level, please submit your application to us by email at

What if My rating is not displayed properly on NTLS?

Contact us at and we will review if your information and education is all completed and fix the error as soon as possible or inform you about the requirements currently not met.

Continuing Education

Each active Movement Method Mentor and each member of an Independent Movement Method Tribe needs to participate in 2 Movement Method Continuous Mandatory Education phone or online seminars annually.

What and where can I advertise?

Only if you are an active Gold Member on, in good standing with Horse Boy LLC and current on all mandatory continuous education and exams are you legally allowed to promote yourself as an Independent Movement Method Mentor of a certain Star Ranking.

In all materials it must be made clear that you are an INDEPENDENT Mentor and that Horse Boy accepts no liability and cannot guarantee quality of your service. You also need to display what Star Ranking as Mentor you have accomplished.

What Can I say I’m offering?



  • If you are a Basic Independent Movement Method Mentor you can say “I am an Basic Independent Movement Method Mentor and I am offering Movement Method Sessions*
  • If you are a 1 Star (or higher) Independent Movement Method Mentor you can say “I am an x Star Independent Movement Method Mentor and I am offering Movement Method Sessions* and Movement Method Playdates*”

Bad including but not limited to:

  • I teach classes in Movement Method
  • Smith School offers the Movement Method Program
  • We are a Movement Method Facility
  • I offer Movement Method Workshops
  • We are offering working student positions for Movement Method Activities
  • I am training volunteers for Movement Method/Sessions/Camps etc.
Official (Training) Centers:

If you are an Official Movement Method Center you can say “We are an Official Movement Method (Training) Center and are offering Movement Method Session*, Playdates*, and Movement Method Workshops* (for training Centers only)”

*Movement Method Activities definitions

  • Session: One family at a time participating in Movement Method Activities
  • Playdates: Multiple families at the same time with large and reliable group of volunteers adhering to safety and playdate regulation and rules taught in Movement Method 3.
  • Workshops: teaching participants in aspects of Movement Method

What Needs to be included in my advertisements?

Use the badge appropriate to your Star Ranking and make sure to specify in any advertisement that you are a Basic/x Star Independent  Movement Method Mentor. This allows your families to appreciate the level of service, experience and ongoing commitment to quality and excellence that earning this status has involved.

Titles on all advertising and correspondence should read as: Independent Basic Movement Method Mentor, Independent 1-Star Movement Method Mentor.

If you are bringing Rupert or any other Horse Boy Staff Member in for an event please use one of the following logos. Do not use these logos unless you are organizing an official Horse Boy event with Rupert or the Horse Boy Team in attendance.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other Social Media

We strongly encourage you to be an active participant in the social media platforms. Please be professional and make sure that whenever posting anything involving Movement Method you are within our Code of Conduct which includes a moratorium on defamation of character, slander, libel, and anything else that your mom would not be happy to see or that might embarrass her. When advertising Movement Method related activities, please make sure you stay within our advertising rules. Finally please desist from entering into social media conflicts. However please do retweet and share any and all official Movement Method posts, tweets and other social media outreach. Remember humans are 9 times more likely to say something negative than something positive, please try to work hard on breaking that rule for the better!


All Independent Mentors are encouraged to write articles, blogs, etc about personal and student stories.  Mentors and Tribes are not authorized to write educational pieces that could be read as them teaching Movement Method. If this article is about Movement Method Activities (Sessions, playdates, ect.), please include your star-rating or tribes level as well as the appropriate badge and a link back to  for more details and information about Movement Method. We are happy to review an article for you before you send it out and are also happy to supply you with a few photos to use in your article. Copyright to these photos will remain with Horse Boy.

More FAQ regarding advertisements

Why can’t I say my facility offers Movement Method?
Because trademark rights are very specific and improperly use may damage the rights that Horse Boy has acquired in the Marks, Horse Boy must be careful in how the Marks are used.

Can I train others in the Movement Method once I am trained?
No, only Official Movement Method Training Centers and Trainers can offer this training and certification. We have spent years developing this technique and part of our ensuring it is properly and safely taught is to do so ourselves.

Can my center have a Facebook page or website announcing our scheduled Movement Method Workshop?
You may say that a workshop is taking place once it is scheduled with Movement Method. Terms regarding signups are negotiated on a workshop per workshop basis and questions should regarding registration should be send to 

Can I accept payment from people attending the Workshop at my stable?
No, only Horse Boy may accept reservations for workshops and it will collect all payments, unless otherwise agreed on in writing.

Can I work with autistic children and horses using the information I have learned from my Movement Method Workshop?
Of course, as long as the guidelines above are followed and this Code of Conduct is followed. You are only authorized to advertise your services once you have completed a the evaluation phase for becoming a Mentor.

Liabilities, customer relations and complaints

Liability Agreement/Insurance

Every Independent Movement Method Mentor is required to hold Professional Liability and other appropriate insurance to cover their activities. It is the Mentors responsibility to provided Horse Boy with a copy of current liability insurance. Failure to hold all necessary insurance will lead to disqualification from the program
You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Horse Boy including but not limited to it’s officers, staff, trainers, and directors from any loss, liability, damage or cost you or any participant of you program might incur.
IMPORTANT: You must make sure EVERY participant signs a release form the first time they come for a session, playdate or camp or otherwise attend activities at your facility or the facility you are renting for your services. It is important that you retain these in your permanent files. You are responsible for creating your liability release form – Horse Boy LLC does not have a standard form, due to varying requirements around the world.

Talk to US!

Mentors and Tribes are expected to communicate with Horse Boy. Let us know what you are up to, what you concerns are and where we can help. If you don’t tell us that you have a concern or are stuck somewhere, we can’t help. We try our best to help you out where possible.


It is critical that the Horse Boy knows of complaints or accidents involving a Mentor. Please report complaints or accidents with a written report via e-mail as soon as possible for insurance and legal documentation.
We understand that accidents are going to happen, but we do need to keep track of them. That’s why it’s important that all incidents have a full report so that the real reason for the accident can be established.

If complaints from families/clients come to our attention your listing on our website and with that your status as Independent Mentor or Tribe will be immediately revoked until you have in writing or by email resolved the matter. With that you will have to remove any online or written advertisements of you as a certified Independent Movement Method Mentor or Tribe as well as cease to offer Movement Method Sessions or Playdates.

If your program involves animals and it comes to our attention that you are being investigated or prosecuted for Animal Cruelty or neglect related charges your listing on our website and with that your status as Independent Mentor or Tribe will be immediately revoked until you have in writing or by email resolved the matter. With that you will have to remove any online or written advertisements of you as a certified Independent Movement Method Mentor or Tribe as well as cease to offer Movement Method Activities (Sessions, Playdates, Camps, etc.).

If it comes to our attention that you are being investigated or prosecuted for any crime including but not limited to DWI, child related charges, animal related charges, assault and battery your listing on our website and with that your status as Independent Mentor or Tribe will be immediately revoked until you have in writing or by email resolved the matter. With that you will have to remove any online or written advertisements of you as a certified Independent Movement Method Mentor or Tribe as well as cease to offer Movement Method Activities.

Your Programs Fees

You are an Independent Mentor, or Tribe. You are responsible for setting your prices and charging families. If you have charged a family and do not refund their money to them according to your cancelation terms and it comes to our attention your listing on our website and with that your status as Independent Mentor, or Tribe will be immediately revoked until you have in writing or by email resolved the matter. Horse Boy is not liable or responsible for refunds to families you serve. You agree to hold Horse Boy harmless and agree to dissolve these matter professionally and promptly as they occur. If any such matter arise please inform us by email about them.

Be nice to each other!

Remember our purpose is to help families that are having a tough time. The last thing they need is to have to work their way through backbiting and gossip within Movement Method Mentors. So be nice and supportive with each other. And remember we serve these families best if we serve a few families really well rather than large amounts of kids coming through our program and there is sure no shortage of autism families and kids that need your help. So support each other and refer people to each other. You are not only a Tribe within your barn you are also a part of the general Horse Boy Tribe and let’s try to be as functional of a Tribe as we can be.

Non-Horse Boy Practitioners advertising Horse Boy sessions

We want to help as many families out there as we can. As a result all our Methods are freely available on the Internet. We are very happy if somebody goes onto our website reads about it or buys our training DVD and starts applying some of the learned concepts. However unless a person is a certified Mentor, or Tribe following the above outlined standards and requirements, they don’t have permission to advertise themselves as offering Movement Method (camp, sessions etc). If you come across somebody, please report them to Horse Boy’s rankings and levels are here to give families an idea of the service they are receiving. The Horse Boy Mark means nothing regarding the level of service if not everybody that advertises themselves as a Mentor actually went through the required workshops and training. So it’s in the best interest of the families we serve to keep a watchful eye on that. Also don’t forget Horse Boy is a trademark and can therefore not be used by anybody other than those authorized by Horse Boy.

If in Doubt About Anything

ASK! We are here for you, and to help you have a successful business! Any questions or suggestions are welcome. Please contact us at at any time. YOU are responsible for making sure that there is a 2-way communication happening!

Commitment to Continuous Education

By calling yourself an Independent Movement Method Mentor, or Tribe you commit to following our instructions on continuous education to make sure that your standard of service remains at its optimum.
A few tips on how to make sure your relationship with us, other Movement Method Mentors and the families you serve are as good as they can be:

  • Be positive
  • Try to find a creative, kind and constructive solution as quickly as possible
  • Don’t take shit personally
  • Don’t take shit too seriously
  • Do as you promised
  • Remember it’s families first, everything else second
  • Continuously improve inter personal skills and personal development
  • Have fun with what you do!