2020 USA, Colorado, HB Playdates

Jan 2020


So Horse Boy and the movement method have been introduced to me in the last year or so.  I’ve been very encouraged by the concept of incorporating outdoors and fun into learning. 

 As a homeschool mom I had a child with learning struggles that would have been labeled and medicated.  When I brought him home at the age of 4 to homeschool him these methods would have been so helpful, he was an active boy who moved and even can listen to music while learning (something I could not fathom).  The horse boy method relaxes muscles in the spine, releasing the needed chemicals to relax fight or flight instincts in an individual. 

 Whether dealing with Aspergers, autism, depression, ptsd, or ADHD, the methods allow for relaxation and then learning or even communication.  Bianca has been such a blessing in our lives and has a real heart to help children and others in overcoming life struggles that keep them from either connecting with others or learning.  This is something that every person should consider as an alternative type of therapy.  


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