Awards, Summits, New Centers, Rowan Update:Horse Boy/NTLS Newsletter November 2022


Scub Updates

For everyone who follows the amazing Scubba (aka Rowan) – he is now attending college in Austin, taking miscellaneous courses including computing and some finance, while he adjusts to college life and considers what degree he’d like to do. He has also started a volunteer job at his local state park where he’s been hiking since a little boy. This past summer and fall, he helped Ru with Movement Method trainings in the UK and Ireland and recently spoke onstage at the Journey On Summit in San Antonio. To conclude – he’s rocking it!

San Antonio Journey On Summit

If you aren’t already listening to the Journey On Podcast with Warwick Schiller, then you should. He gets people from all kinds of interesting backgrounds In the horse, psych and spirituality world and gets them to tell their life stories as well as what they do. Fascinating stuff. Of the Horse Boy-ers, Ru has been on. So has Joell Dunlap of Square Peg Foundation ( Anyway, recently the Journey On folks hosted a summit in San Antonio. Ru was one of the speakers – as was Scub, who gave insights on autism from the inside. But there were many others. Check out their work especially – Jim Masterson (if you don’t know Masterson Method, you should), Jane Pike (Confident Rider – dealing with cortisol in the saddle), Josh Nicol (Horse Human Relationship Building), Mark Rashid (emotional Control and Horsemanship) and many more. Check out the podcast here:

British Horse Society “Unsung Hero” Award

The amazing Terri Brosnan, Lucy Dillon and David Moul from Childvision in Dublin – one of the most effective HBM and MM teams out there, who service kids with not just autism but vision impairment and all kinds of other challenges – won the British Horse Society’s Unsung Hero Award in November. Check them out here.

Child of Britain Outstanding Charity Award

And…the equally amazing Nicole Gillard who runs Move the Mind in Somerset, UK, again one of the best HBM and MM places out there, won the Child of Britain Outstanding Charity Award for the work they do down there in the southwest of England. Check them out here.

New Horse Boy and Movement Method places in Ireland

While we’re on the subject of amazing people – those of you who know David Doyle in Ireland know hes a wonder worker. His Liskennett Farm in Co Limerick serves in excess of 10,000 hours of services to families all over Ireland’s southwest. As if that wasn’t enough, he is now opening a second location – Kanturk in County Cork which, like Liskennett, will offer in and out respite services for adults with autism (meaning they spend time in apartments here, then go back home, then cycle back again – a winning system). David has his eye on some other places in Ireland that will be starting next year so watch this space.

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