Conquest Centre – Taunton, UK

Thank you for taking time out to visit Conquest.  We had amazing feedback from the families on the playdate, and they have all asked when you are coming back!  The kids seemed to take big steps forwards when you guys were here.  We had a further breakthrough on Thurs.  Maddy , a girl I ride with, saw Saffie & I on Dylan.  She seemed horrified at the thought of me riding with someone else, and talked about nothing else all session.  After her session, Maddy’s mum reported that she wouldn’t get in the car.  She wanted to look for Saffie.  Luckily Saffie’s session is straight after, so off they went and found her, approached her and Maddy said hello to her.  Maddy has never done anything like that before!  Dylan seems to have taught her first steps in making friends.  What an amazing pony.

Anyway, thanks again for your support – always happy to return the favour. ~Chantal


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