EP 11: Diana Ellbaum – Beluga Tree Production on Podcast Live Free Ride Free

Have you ever dreamed of being a filmmaker, a producer? A storyteller of the screen? We all have at some point -anyone who consumes screen entertainment hankers at some point to be the one making the content. Yet how to even get started? Even in these days of YouTubers and independent film making platforms where movies made on cell phones get sold to TV, we know its hard. How do you get the finances, the actors, the costumes, the scripts? How do you put it all together and make a go of it, a successful career of it?

Diana Elbaum knows how. Starting as a confused young Belgian girl with a naive desire to tell stories, her two companies, Entre Chien et Loup (between wolf and dog) and Beluga Tree have produced well over ninety films of all genres. She’s done the Hollywood thing – her groundbreaking movie The Congress featured Robin Wright, Danny Huston and Harvey Keitel. But Diana has also explored a side of film that many of us in the English speaking world are largely unaware of – the thriving French, Belgian and European cinematic and television world which produces billions of dollars a year and many works of great quality – a goodly number of which then get bought by Hollywood and put into English language versions.

Diana has won a string of awards, started the EP2C Workshop which helps young film makers from around the world – or even older ones – get started. Maybe she can help you.

So listen on, if there was ever a woman who has self actualized, and at the same time helped dozens of others do the same, it’s Diana Elbaum.

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