Horse Boy Learning Webinar – Saskia, Germany

Hi Jenny, and thank you for last night – or afternoon for you . It was really great. I actually was relieved to see that I am not the only “crazy” person, considering the way I school or -unschool – our kids. And you have years ahead of me with Rowan, so it was great.

We actually do basically what you are doing. We are outside, we use movement, I have started to create a YES-Environment, as you call it, when I was still pregnant with our boy. I noticed how often parents used the word No, especially with toddlers, and how stressful that seemed to the kids. And that it mostly did not help the situation anyway. I asked my husband: “Why do we always tell kids what we do not want them to do instead of what we do want them to do?” And of course later on I learned that Maria Montessori had already wrote about how important it is to use the word “NO” as little as possible .  

Anyway. I loved hearing your examples of how you “teach” Rowan and especially liked the story of the math and the “bouncing”. Great idea!  

So thank you again for everything and for last night!   Saskia and our horsebabies Morvryn & Anwen


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