Jonathan and mom Simone – Austin

We have been doing horse boy since early March. My son Johnathan is 4 he is considered non verbal but had about 40 words and was on his way to 50 with the help of a great speech therapist (we have been with for 2 yrs)… Our health insurance change and I needed help and not only has horse boy provided help but has deliver amazing results. Better eye contact, less tantrums and best of all words,request and his first 3 word sentence (not mimicked) “ouch, really hurts” he scraped his arm while playing with bunnies The staff are lovely and we are so grateful to hear the excitement when he sees we are heading your way “horse” “yee Haw” “cowboy”. Jenny,
Laurence and the whole gang are amazing! The inclusion with our family is fantastic and we are so thankful! My husband and I also went to one of the workshops that really opened doors to our approach at home, we are changing it up and his speech therapist and his pre school are also taking notice, thank you. I am excited for the Horse Boy fest and you will see us there.


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