Movement Method Testimonial – Pamela Besseck, Colorado Springs, CO

RE: Bianca Rimbach

To Whom It May Concern:

I have the privilege this school year to be working in the general education 5th grade classroom of Bianca Rimbach at Evans International Elementary School in Colorado Springs CO. I am a Special Education Paraprofessional at the school and spend approximately 2/3 of each day in Ms. Rimbach’s class with my student. While I do work individually with my student, Ms. Rimbach makes sure that he is included in special activities for math, science and other subjects that she has planned for the general class.

Ms. Rimbach has apparently been participating in trainings to learn more about working with autistic and special needs children. I see that she has adapted her learning to her general classroom. I have assisted my student in these class activities and he has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the group. I have observed the other students and heard feedback from them that they love this type of learning. They enthusiastically participate in any activity Ms. Rimbach has prepared for them. They have enjoyed the learning through physical activity, as well as the hands-on visual types of learning she has brought to the classroom. The idea of getting outside for fresh air and physical activities to learn has brought fun to education for these students.

Ms. Rimbach is always anxious to try out new ideas when she returns from a training/workshop. The students, my special education student, as well as myself, all gain so much from the creativity and excitement she brings to the class every day. I am glad that she has had training opportunities to continue working on educating students in unique ways. Her enthusiasm for what she does is very much noticed by all.


Pamela Besseck,

Special Education Paraprofessional


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