Nathan (6) – Austin, TX

And, I’ve been meaning to email you this week. When we started HB in March we were straddling ASD/NT. We did 40 hours of mild HBOT in March and have seen some really huge changes in social pragmatics. With that said, we also started HB in March and I believe the positive self esteem changes we have seen are thanks to two major things: 1. Horse Boy!!! and 2. doing morning exercises with his daddy which they started in April?

This past Mother’s Day was the first Mother’s Day I had where Nathan was 1. happy to yell Happy Mother’s Day of his own volition and not throwing a fit because the day wasn’t about him. and 2. happy to give me flowers and not spend a good deal of time demanding his own bouquet. 

That in itself was a huge Mother’s Day gift.

I think his increased self esteem has really blossomed and he loves Horse Boy. He looks forward to jousting, to seeing Josh and Laurence (sp?), to riding the horse, to learning in the woods, and playing with the rats. I think this has been very healing for my daughter as well. She has been through a lot the past few years… Thanks for being part of our journey. 

Horse Boy been a blessing for all of us.




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