Rob and Veronica Conley – LifeStriders, Madison, WI


For those that were able to attend, and for those that were not, we were all very lucky to be introduced to The Horse Boy Method’s skillful champions – Rupert Isaacson and Iliane Lorenz.

The two equine professionals put on a very thoughtful and polished four and a half hour demo for instructors and parents, in WI and 4 surrounding states, who work with, or are interested in working with, children and adults on the autism spectrum.  The Horse Boy Method is based on Rupert’s and Iliane’s experiences in working with horses and Rupert’s son Rowan, who lives with autism, and is the main focus of the Book, and Movie, “The Horse Boy.”

Rupert, Iliane and Kristen (Rupert’s Wife) have been busy sharing their knowledge and experiences in various medias and demonstrations and we were lucky to have Rupert and Iliane here and available for questions about their methods as we all work to understand, appreciate, and help those with Autism.  Their efforts here, and everywhere, are helping this generation, and many to come, grapple with this pandemic and we all should be very thankful for what they are accomplishing on a global scale.

The staff and volunteers at LifeStriders are all looking forward to developing their new skills with “Freddy”, and in the Horse Boy Methodology, and we are all looking forward to working with The Horse Boy Method Staff again in the near future.  It was an excellent learning experience for everyone who attended and we have had nothing but positive feedback since.

To the staff at the Horse Boy Method:  Thank you for enabling our organization with exciting new insights into people with autism, horses, and ourselves.  You all have inspired us to do more for our community on the autism spectrum.

Robert Conley
LifeStriders President


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