The Movement Method Classroom in Colorado Springs, CO- Gold Member Webinar

Join us for a Zoom Meeting on Sunday December 18th, 2022


  • 8PM Germany
  • 1PM Texas
  • 11AM California
  • 6AM Sydney (Mon Dec 19th)

Don’t miss this opportunity.

As you might know we incredible people around the world implementing Movement Method. An increasing number of mainstream school teachers have come on board and have been creating paradigm shifts in the way mainstream education is being presented in public school.

These schools and teachers have seen significant changes in stress and burnout reduction for teachers and administration as well as mental and emotional well being of the students combined with higher academic scores and improved behaviors.

This combination as we know is the holy grail both for staff and students in their school experience.

Cade Lang a teacher in D49 in Colorado Springs has pioneered a revolutionary Movement Method Classroom over the last 3 years that represents a gold standard in how education could be, should be, but so often isn’t. Not only does his year end data vindicate the Method, he now also has a waiting list of parents applying to have their children in his class because of the overall results .

Join us on December 18th 19:00 Germany for a Zoom call with Cade talking about his program, how he has implemented it, how it can be replicated, and the results he has seen.

Spoiler alert: He has also included a tree planting program in his class in which not only do the students contribute to the planet, they make money and learn science from the trees at the same time. This is truly cutting edge stuff.

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