2018 German National Kuratorium Article

The journal “Therapeutisches Reiten” is published four times a year and incorporates scientific research articles and praxis oriented publications from all subject oriented areas in the therapeutic riding industry. In addition, the journal features information from the national and international network of the Deutsche Kuratorium fuer Therapeutisches Reiten (DKThR) including information about conferences, professional development, newly published relevant literature, legal support, and praxis suggestions in connection with therapeutic riding. In addition, it informs about the competitive sports world in the para- equestrian circuit. The audience that subscribes include medical doctors, psychotherapists, educators, psychologists, equine specialists, competitors in equine sports, and other clients interested in supporting therapeutic riding.

    This journal recently featured a brief capturing of Rupert Isaacson’s presentation on Horse Boy Method and Bianca Rimbach’s presentation on Movement Method in her classroom. A more detailed article about the presentation was requested and is in the works to be published later this year.

   For now, attached is the article and a brief snapshot of what work was done. The highlighted sections are the focus of Horse Boy/ Movement Method mentioning and translated below.

The Title: Successful 7th Interdisciplinary Conference of the German Kuratorium for Therapeutic Riding

Paragraph 1:

Inspiration was contributed by the presentation of Dr. Gea Olbricht in connection with adventure pedagogy proving how much pedagogical potential there is in other animals. Bianca Rimbach from the USA connected to that topic as well and presented images of an ideal model classroom in the USA. Chairs were substituted by tree trunks. An aquarium with fish supported student relaxation and concentration, and conceptual learning was connected to movement so children would enjoy learning and increase their learning potential.


Bianca Rimbach came with Rupert Isaacson from the USA and brought substantial inspiration for better learning in the classroom.

Paragraph 2:

The final presentation for the conference was a demo by Rupert Isaacson from the USA. He presented in-hand work to educate and balance the therapy horse. For two days, he worked with horses from the equestrian center Fuerstenau. Rupert is a huge advocate for ground work. “From the ground you can see the entire horse: You can observe your immediate impact. From the ground, many people feel more secure in the interaction with the horse.” That was often his conclusion.


The American way: Rupert Isaacson showed groundwork for the therapy horse. Highly motivated, he answered critical questions from the audience.


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