A little girl from Austin

B. has been coming to spend time with our horses in Elgin since 2009. She is a regular at our Texas based Horse Boy Camps and a favorite with many of our horses and volunteers.

However until recently she has been too afraid to ride or even sit on the horses preferring instead to groom and paint them from the ground . This all changed at a recent Horse Boy Camp when she asked to sit up on the horses back and spent many happy hours up there just hanging out. Since then she has been gaining in confidence every time she comes out and last week finally got over her fear completely and rode by herself in the long lines at a walk and trot for the first time. She came out again yesterday with her father Luke who told me that the day after she had gotten over her fear she began to explore all types of new food that she had previously been too anxious to try. He puts this down to her new found confidence in riding translating to a confidence in other new situation.

As always we are amazed at how spending time with our horses can translate into so many different types of positive changes in the lives of the children we are lucky enough to meet and spend time with.


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