Max from D.C.

Last week we had a new little boy called Max come out to our ranch in Elgin for a playdate. After only one visit here is what Rebecca, Max’s Mother had to say.

‘I want to thank you so much, Max had as blast, the whole experience was surreal for me, Max explored his surroundings and enjoyed everything he was doing until he was ready to get on the horse so when he got off Clue after the trail ride and said “That was Awesome!” I got teary; it was an incredible experience for me to see that smile on his face the whole time we were on the trail. When we were leaving, Max has this little thing he does if he really enjoyed the place we were just at, he memorizes the address, so when we left he got off the car at the gate and put his hand over the 374 and kept repeating 374. We drove home and he was so calm, the sunset was beautiful and he commented on the clouds and kept looking out the window and said, “Why do we have to leave?” I explained to him we’ll be back, you have school tomorrow and you’ll get to see your friends and he said ‘Ok’. We got home and even the night time ritual of bath and getting ready for dinner was extremely calming, he was so chilled out, he even went to bed on time without the nightly ritual of its time to go to bed that we do every night. Yesterday after school when I picked him up he said “mommy, horses 374” so I asked him do you want to go back and he responded “right now”. I explained to him we couldn’t go until our next play date and surprisingly he very calmly responded “ok”, normally when he wants something and doesn’t get it he will sometimes get upset but he completely understood, yeah!’

Max his since been back out to the ranch with his siblings who also had a great time and loved spending time with our horses and volunteers. We are very grateful to be able to work with such a lovely family.


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