A moms testimonial

My name is Carola Beekman, practitioner and trainer for NTLS, based in The Netherlands. I would like to share the wonderful feedback I got from the mother of a girl I work with. This girl was already riding independently before she came to me, therefore she is riding herself and not being long lined.

“During the training at Carola I see my daughter change from angry, frustrated and even aggressive girl to a lady who confidently goes to work with the horse and materials. Her entire posture and face softened visibly.

Because Carola lets her be herself with her own limits of being able to do that day (because that also differs per day) and honors her for the person she is, but still not hesitant to challenge her to push boundaries. But also very clearly learns to guard your own limits, this method works so incredibly rewarding, because my daughter sees the direct result very well. Carola is flawlessly aware of how she should approach her and sometimes even just applies the right pressure to step outside heer comfort zone.

The horses are so good and patient, they feel so well what they need to do.

We also experience the interaction with the other people at stable as very warm and respectful.

As a mother watching them, I think very often during training; “I wish I could freeze the picture”.


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