Mindfulness Effects on the Amygdala Article by PLOS

HorseBoy and Movemen Method focus and instruct in mindful self compassion and mindfulness. Here is an interesting article supporting the effects on the amygdala during mindfulness.

“The present findings represent an important contribution to the current understanding of how mindfulness may reduce stress responding and thus improve physical and psychological health. Smaller grey matter volumes in subcortical structures, particularly the amygdala and caudate, may be the morphological correlates of the previously-reported link between trait mindfulness and reduced stress reactivity and improved well-being. These findings help identify candidate structural neurobiological pathways linking mindfulness with reduced stress and negative affectivity in a broad range of studies [3][11].” 

Investigation into the effects of mindfulness on amygdala as study by Adrienne A. Taren, J. David Creswell, Peter J. Gianaros PLOS x


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