Announcing A New 3*** Horse Boy Method Practitioner

Congratulations to Helen Picha of Liskennet Farm Co. Limerick Ireland!

She has gone through all of the evaluation requirements for the Horse Boy Method 4 course. This is not an easy or quick process. Helen has put much effort into it and has persevered with it even when we were annoying and picky and asked for re-submissions of certain videos. Which she then just did not just with good grace but with real quality.

Helen Picha is part of one of the top teams and providers of Horse Boy and Movement Method in the world – the amazing Liskennet Farm, which provides an almost unbelievable 13,000h of client services per year.

An inspiration to us all!

Under the leadership of the legendary David Doyle, this team is one of the gold standards.

Once again heartfelt congratulations to Helen and we look forward to congratulating more 3*** Practitioners in the near future.


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