Horse Boy Method in Colorado

Just thought I share my first experience with the sensory exercises we learned from you guys. I just got back from the barn and am so full of the experience, that I need to share it with someone who knows what I am talking about…

We got a small group of wounded warriors together and we worked through the sensory exercises- they absolutely loved it! You should see the difference it made in their communication and in their entire aura… One mentioned to feel so much more connected to Earth, grounded like she had not felt in a really long time. Another one stated how she was finally able to let go- really, this is amazing after just one try! They also got really interested in where this was coming from and your training methods etc. One mentioned how she could do this weekly and could really need it in her life. What a neat experience for everybody involved.

We are looking into involving the families more and we have one family with a child with special needs- do not know much more, but we are constantly thinking and plotting- this is a great combination of programs and could be the way we can support the most. That is the equine side of it.


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