Horse Boy Surf Camp, CA – at Square Peg

This camp was run by Joell of Square Peg in Half Moon Bay, Ca

We had so much fun at this camp! Nick experienced so many things he had never done before. Camping, Kayaking, Boogie Boarding and Horse back riding. Singing around the campfire and sharing meals out doors with new friends, it was fantastic! The whole experience made me realize what we’ve been missing all these years. Thank you so much Joell Dunlap, for putting together such a great time! If you would like to help Square Peg, they are currently working hard at completing this campsite for families with special needs and would very much appreciate donations. I can tell you, firsthand that it’s coming along nicely and has proved to be very successful! I can see that many kids and their families will benefit from this camp in the future. Often times families of kids with autism miss out on these seemingly normal activities. Some kids may be very sensitive to bugs, they may be scared of animals and often times they can’t handle the change of being anywhere outside of their home. Square Peg is a place where you can be and not feel out of place, not judged by peering eyes and just be yourself. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have Nick have these experiences. I hope Square Peg get lots of help to continue doing what they do.


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