Tyler – Elgin, TX

Good evening Jenny,

I would first like to thank you and all of your volunteers, as well as Rupert and your incredible animals for allowing us the opportunity to visit today.  I literally left in tears from having had the most amazing experience with Tyler ever! I know it was only our first visit but I cannot say enough about your foundation. Your goals, patience and kindness, your purpose … I am in awe. Never in my life have I been so moved by a group of people and what you are accomplishing. I left with such an incredible amount of gratitude and hope.  The feeling there is indescribable. Truly. I’ve never seen T so engaged in anything. Ever.  I couldn’t believe he went up and touched Betsy right off the bat, and went back twice more to engage. Amazing.  I know he spent the better part of the next hour exploring and getting to know the grounds, but having him there, engaged with your staff and in such a good mood was beyond incredible. I’ve never seen him so ‘in his element’ he made eye contact several times and seemed to connect with everyone there. I know I’ve already said it once… but it was truly incredible.

I would love the opportunity to come back, if you have the availability J  If possible, I of course would love for my husband to join as well – but I know your schedules are busy so please tell me what works for you and we will work out whatever is necessary.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Thank you all again!

Emily F.


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