New Trails TX Family

J. and I want to express our deep appreciation for another wonderful experience at Horse Boy. Meeting Rowan and Rupert was awesome! I really enjoyed that Rowan was willing to spend time and interact with me. He is super cool!

I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend with you. I know you are incredibly busy and I appreciate the time you took with me to get to know J. better. He is an amazing little guy. He has taught me a great deal. I learn something new daily from him. We are truly blessed to have found your program. Each time I come , I learn more and I recognize many of the various therapy modalities woven into the activities J. chooses. The dedication and passion each of you have for the work you do is deeply touching. To say thank you seems woefully inadequate. What you are doing is life changing for children and their families. Much respect and gratitude to each of you from J. and his Texas family. 🙂

Warm Regards,

S. and J.


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