“Say YES to Life Anyway”- Testimonial from a Veteran

Dear Horse Boy – Bundeswehr Team,

Thank you for this great week and the hope that many things can improve. Thanks to you, your applications and the horses. Thank you for your work and energy, we could feel it.

Sandra and I are very grateful and were very touched. Our thanks also go to the military chaplaincy around Stefan Boldt, the Donaueschingen team and ASEM (Arbeitsfeld Seelsorge für unter Einsatzfolgen leidende Menschen- Pastoral care for people suffering from the consequences of deployment)


Here are some thoughts…

Expanding the team was important. More eyes see more, pick up more vibrations, and together have good approaches to addressing problems faced by those affected.

With this size of group of participants, the grouping is certainly easier for the organizers. The discussions together were certainly also important to ensure the best possible result for each participant during this time without leaving the person concerned “alone” during or afterwards.

The venue was very well chosen. Possibilities for every weather, different impulses through air, sun, nature were important. Indoor arena, outdoor area and forest, meadows, low mountain ranges in Europe.

The mix of participants and families of soldiers was also good. An experience here: the view of the world through children, almost forgotten and so important!

The eye for details, little things during the interventions, whether together in playdates or family interventions, very good due to broad expertise. Allowing different approaches with a view to emerging problems and subsequent “light” processing was also good. Bringing in various experiences from the military, nationally and internationally, as well as from a pedagogical, occupational therapy, remedial pedagogical and medical point of view were important to us and absolutely professional. Henrich’s wheelbarrow, getting out of isolation, bringing in guided riding experience, interaction between horse and person, feeling like a couple, but always ready to intervene, observed, cared for- are some of them.

Reading the horse, its condition and then drawing conclusions about the human being and vice versa, often without looking, is simply unbelievable.

The gentle influence, steering and allowing emotional outbursts, letting memories speak, working out stages was a lasting experience and very well done, implemented by the entire team.

The interaction of the BW study team, BW family and the established US team, led by Jeanne Springer and the Horseboy team around Bianca Rimbach, were very impressive and give the project to introduce this method for the treatment of PTSD-affected soldiers and their families in the BW an important impetus and show how good, important and sustainably presentable this is. And not to forget absolutely expandable and expandable in many levels.

A safe environment to “engage in” was always created during and after the applications due to the prudence of everyone involved. Whether in the background, pulling strings, taking the situation into account at all times in one-to-one discussions, going one step further as a trainer and impressive for us in the interaction of horse, affected person and observer, healer, trainer. The eye for details and what is happening with everyone was impressive, whether in direct recognition or in the afterthought. Super. We could feel the care.

We are grateful and hope to see you again.

We are also happy to answer any further questions. Best wishes, Sandra and Peter

Stefan Boldt and team during morning impulse
Getting perspectives through the eyes of children
Being out in nature following intrinsic motivation
Perspective taking
Horse Boy and Movement Method team
The best team yet 😉


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